Training Slots – 8 Sundays Sessions at R!

(1) SYARIL: 4PM – 6PM
(2) SAYWAN: 6.15PM – 8.15PM
(3) ANDREAS: 8.30PM – 10.30PM


identity (ID)

1. the fact of being who or what a person or thing is.

A quarterly video production featuring the choreographic works of our instructors at Recognize! Studios.



Audition Fee: $5 per entry

Upon successful selection for this video production, a registration fee of $150 will be required.
( can be paid via installment in 3 parts – Oct | Nov | Dec)


How do I sign-up up for this?

(1) Fill up the google form below.

(2) Learn & Film yourself doing the Audition Choreography
(watch the video in slow-mo via the Youtube function to better catch the steps)

(3) Audition Fee to be made via PayNow to UEN
UEN: 201726702G
Company Name: Recognize Studios Pte. Ltd.

(4) Save your Proof of Payment

(5) Audition Video + Screenshot of Proof of Payment must be submitted via email to
* the audition video clip
* the screenshot when payment is made
* the name on the bank account who made the payment