(A) Recital Details

This is the 6th year that Recognize! Studios Recital is happening and we’re taking it beyond imagination! The theme for this year’s recital is “R! MUSIC AWARD” and we are calling upon all the dancers to join us!

To continue on the spirit of international learning, we will be inviting a mystery overseas guest instructor to Singapore, to choreograph for the finale item! An audition will be conducted to select dancers for the item, as the recital date gets nearer. Stay tuned for the exciting details! You wouldn’t want to miss this one.

Recital Date: 1st SEPTEMBER 2018 (Saturday)
Recital Venue: Kallang Theatre

Auditionees are required to learn the audition choreography from our online  videos on our YOUTUBE PAGE,

Audition Results

Item Tag No. Name
ANDREAS 43 Sylvia Lam
45 Muhammad Hakim
51 Phoebe Chen
64 Ivan Lee
93 Nuralisa Binte Ahmad
97 Bao Han
166 Karen Lee
179 Teo Jia Xuan
181 Neo Yin Ting
185 Clarissa Seow Jie Ru
186 Chia Rachel
187 Ameeva Bte Omav
189 Regine Tan Shi Min
193 Teoh Ern Tek
194 Young Yee Jie Cynthia
195 Ng Xue Ting Cheryn
196 Yuri Lim Jia Hui
198 Rachel Yeo Sze Hui
199 You Shuning
200 Kevin Lim
201 Lorraine Chen
202 Low Xin Yi
203 Leonard
204 Shina Lee Han Ling
206 Melvin Tseng
207 Mark Ng Siu Chiong
208 Esther Loh
209 Jeanne Koh
210 Ken Chiong
211 Melody Ling
215 Glenn Tan
216 Kang Kyung Rin
217 Abigail Ada Desmond
Video Audition Yvonne Loh
Video Audition Vanessa Siah
JOLENE 204 Shina Lee Han Ling
Video Audition Paley Ong Zu Siew 
Video Audition Ng Xue Ying 
Video Audition Yeoh Huey Wen
Video Audition Tan Jia Hui
Video Audition Irene Lau Su Tian
Video Audition Venisse Yeo
Video Audition Renae Cheng Jia Chi
Video Audition Megan Chia Kai Xuan
Video Audition Adli
Video Audition Joanne Tay Yu Ting
Video Audition Ong Yu Wen
Video Audition Chia Yi Wen
Video Audition Carine Oh Wan Ying 
Video Audition Fatin Firzana Binte Mokhtar
KS 2 Jamiel Toh
4 Valerene Goh Ze Yi
5 Kok Yu Hung Patrick
6 Phang Yun Zhe , Shaun
7 Vince Toh
9 Tam Hui Yun Lea
10 Shi Ru’En
12 Tan Di Sheng
13 Sarah Lee Yuan Shan
15 Lee Xiang Lin Daarren
16 Low Li Jun Dona
17 Samuel Tan En Wei
18 Brandon Wong
19 Ng Jing Jie
20 Dasuke Golcan
21 Adeline Wang
22 Wanyin
23 Dawn Yip
24 Goh Chin Yong
25 Shermaine Goh
26 Wee Jeslin
27 Teo Qi Min
28 Alyssa Ten
29 Neo Jack Yi
33 Qian Hui
34 Geneviene Goh
35 Chi Kuan
36 Ang Yimin
37 Gan Zi Hui
38 Soh Jyr Kuan
39 Zachary Song
40 Kieth Choo
41 Clarence
42 Jin Wang
Video Audition Alodie Chen
Video Audition Joseph Koo
Video Audition Poh Wei Meng
Video Audition Lau Yu Yao
MELO 225 Chew Chia Wing
226 Muhammad Isa Chia
227 Mikhail
231 Leow Wen Hao
232 Criscillia Tan Yan Teen
233 Joeseph Kim
235 Nantarat Ratthannah
236 Shannen Purbonro
237 Kah Swee May
238 Miko Neo Hwee Li
240 Tan Li Ning
241 Tan Su Ying
242 Goh I Chin Tracy
243 Anita Anthony
244 Tan Soon Khen, Millie
245 Clement Tan
246 Jeroy Lim
247 Seow Ding Cheng
248 Jordan Shua Kai Jie
250 Stephanie
252 Sharifah Hajar Sued Hashin
253 Rachel Low
254 Chua Wan Ting
255 Tan Hui Min Sapphire
256 Lydia Wong
Video Audition Jon
Video Audition Jaron
Video Audition Shaun
Video Audition Adabel
MEOW 43 Sylvia Lam
44 Lee Ying Yen
45 Muhammad Hakim
46 Ho Li Ping, Joyce
48 Darren Chua
49 Jevin Wijaya
50 Victoria Tay
51 Phoebe Chen
52 Yvonne Loh
53 Kee Ri Yan
54 Sia Qiu Ling Joyce
55 Xavier Lum
65 Bernice Ng
69 Stephanie Wee
73 Jewel Tan
Video Audition Rachel Low
Video Audition How Sun
Video Audition Soo Kyung Bae
Video Audition Sharlene
Video Audition Lee Lin Ying
Video Audition Wei Ting
Video Audition Hazri
Video Audition Lim Sze Hwee
Video Audition Yu Lin
Video Audition Daphne Tang
70 Jun Liang
96 Lee Jun Rong
135 Zachary Chua
136 Eugene Lua
137 Steven Chang
138 Kristie Kuah
140 Sarah Ong Ziwei
141 Tricia Ng Si Min
142 Kwan Tze Kit Terence
143 Sherry Wong
144 Brendon Sim
145 Paige Sia
146 Syamil Asyraf
147 Nani
148 Fadhli
152 Vicky Liu
155 Hung Jing Yang
156 Diyana Hirman
159 Chia Si Chuan
160 Amanda Lopez
161 Chanalearn Sassmann
162 Rachel Eve Lim
163 Eugene Ng Jin Kian
165 Dylan Law
166 Karen Lee
167 Leonard Yee
171 Shawn Ho
175 Amanda Tan
180 Arfan
223 Wilfred Lim
Video Audition Nadhra Aqilah
POCA 8 Zita Sham
46 Ho Li Ping, Joyce
93 Nuralisa Binte Ahmad
169 Wee Ai Ting Pearl
170 Ho Jia Lin Eliza
174 Louisa Eng
176 Sean Yu Jie
178 Sarah Cheung
179 Teo Jia Xuan
182 Chew Yu Xin
183 Julyn Khaimmusa
184 Kacie Lim
185 Clarissa Seow Jie Ru
186 Chia Rachel
187 Ameeva Bte Omav
188 Yai Ying Xuan
189 Regine Tan Shi Min
190 Chow Yu En
Video Audition Adbullah Zaidani
Video Audition Goh Yu Lin
TIMO 1 Benjamin Peck
14 Gregory Ang
31 Yang Kaiziz
57 Zhang Yufei
58 Chua Jie Yong
59 Nicholine Neo
60 Sim Long Xiang
61 Janser Chua
62 Sophie Seetoh
63 Edwina Lee
65 Bernice Ng
66 Sin Lee
67 Pang Yi Wei
68 Pang Yi Wen
70 Jun Liang
71 Koh Han Ming
73 Jewel Tan
74 Janice Tay
75 Ng Shi Rong
76 Celestine Teo
77 Xavier Santimano
78 Leow Peihan
81 Loh Boon Ching
82 Chew Chong Jin
83 Eminaksehirlo
84 Haris Liang
85 Goh Xuo Qing
88 Joyce Seah ShinHan
98 Meo Sat Aung
103 Hannah See
Video Audition Lee Ze Kai
Video Audition Soh Jin Chen
Video Audition Cassandra
Video Audition Ong Sui Na
Video Audition Kino Lee Jian Wai
Video Audition Alexis Wan
XIAOMEI 1 Benjamin Peck
56 Bryan Ho
76 Celestine Teo
86 Woo June Ting
90 Chan Yong Jie
92 Lim Hao En Toby Gail
99 Rachel Cheong
100 Liu Tian Yuan
101 Lim Jun Wei
102 Andrea Muhammad
105 Lim Pei Jin
106 Zach Lee
107 Jaime Chin
108 Andrian Chan
109 Lim Zemin
110 Darren Choy
115 Rachel Monteiro
122 Liew Ze Xuan
123 Elvina Choo
124 Gwendolyn Neo
127 Nanami Sweeney
130 Joel Tan
134 Kaho Koroda
139 Raiyan Muse
Video Audition Ziang
Video Audition GuanQing
Video Audition Hui Yie
14 Gregory Ang
61 Janser Chua
71 Koh Han Ming
131 Sebastian Koh
144 Brendon Sim
145 Paige Sia
151 Yong Hwee
159 Chia Si Chuan
163 Eugene Ng Jin Kian
191 Japheth Chia
192 Daryl Low
197 Jolene Lim
205 Megan Chia
211 Melody Ling
212 Gran Ooi Tse An
213 Yong Kah How
214 Darren Puah
218 Pearlyn Yeo
219 Hermain Keh
220 Lit Si Min
221 Lim Yu Hern
222 Jacklyn
223 Wilfred Lim
224 Ong Zhi Hao
Video Audition Jason Neo
Video Audition Chen Yi Liang

Note that a Whatsapp Group Chat with dancers of each item will be created before 22/4/2018.

For any other enquiries, do email


Upon successful selection for the recital, dancers will have to pay a non-refundable registration fee of SGD$90 to the management, regardless of how many items they’re in. This SGD$90 will entitle you to R! membership ($55) + Recital T-Shirt ($25) by show day + 12 Trainings @ R!. 

1) SGD$45 upfront payment at first practice, and

2) SGD$45 upfront payment at the last practice.  

Recognize! Studios will not be held liable for any injuries/hospitalization/intentional hurt/conflict sustained during the course of the auditions and recital practices. It is mandatory for all dancers to sign a letter of indemnity during the audition day itself at the registration counter. Upon any refusal to sign, that particular dancer will not be allowed to participate in the audition, and subsequently, the recital.




(B) Guest Instructor audition Information

Hailing from Orange County, California, Franklin Yu started dancing in 2008 as a high school student. Specializing in isolation, Franklin exhibits unique body control. In just his few years of dancing, he has already acquired an impressive list of accomplishments. In addition to teaching regularly at the Kinjaz Dojo dance studio in LA, Franklin also travels the world for dance work. He performed on season 15 of America’s Got Talent and was also the director for ACA when they won 2nd place at VIBE 2016. 

In China, he was a choreographer for one of the performances in the annual 2018 Chinese New Year Gala, one of the most viewed television programs in the world. Franklin also coached, advised, and choreographed for celebrity shows and contestants on the ultra popular dance shows Street Dance of China and Hot Blood Dance Crew, two television shows currently gaining huge traction in China. 

Though this is just the beginning of his career, Franklin has already worked alongside celebrities such as Jackson Wang and Luhan. He continues to push the boundaries of cross-cultural dance work and international expansion while simultaneously striving to become the best dancer he can be.

Audition Details:

Audition : 26th August

Time : 4pm-6.30pm

Location: Wings To Wings  (6A Shenton Way, #03-06/07  OUE Downtown Gallery, S068809)

Audition Fee : $20

If chosen, practice schedules are:

27th Aug : 7.30pm -10.30pm

28th Aug: 7.30pm -10.30pm

29th Aug: 7.30pm -10.30pm

30th Aug: 7.30pm -10.30pm

31s Aug: Bump-In Day

1st Sep: Performance

Shall you get chosen, fees are $200 for the whole intensive training and performance.



(C) Instructor’s Training Schedules (TBA)




9.30PM 10.30PM ANDREAS


9.30PM 10.30PM POCA


9.30PM 10.30PM MELO

















(D) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What if I am overseas during the audition date?

Fret not; send us an online video of yourself dancing to our audition choreography by 15th April 2018, strictly 2359hrs, at We will only accept valid reasons such as employment matters, reservist and pre-scheduled trips, and will be asking for supporting documents if need be. Your video will be judged on 15th April 2018 itself by all Instructors, and does not guarantee a placing in the recital automatically. 

All auditionees are required to state their 1) full name, 2) email address, 3) phone number and 4) Audition Item in their email.

*All auditionees for Jolene’s item to send video to (Best by google drive and enable linksharing) by 15th April, 2359. *

  • How many genres can I audition for?

As many as you want, but ultimately, you can only be in a maximum of 2 items.

  • Do I have to prepare/bring anything during the audition day?

Other than preparing for the choreography you will be auditioning for, you don’t have to prepare anything else. However, it will be good practice to bring your Identity Card in case we need to conduct a verification check.

  • What attire should I wear for audition?

Any attire that is comfortable and does not restrict your movements. Do wear covered shoes, preferably sneakers, as barefoot will not be allowed.

  • If I am already in 2 items for the recital, can I still audition for the Guest Instructor’s Item?

Yes. However, even if the Guest Instructor selects you, you will not be allowed to join a third item; unless we (the management) qualify that you can commit to it. This works on a case-by-case basis.

  • If I am selected in the Guest Instructor’s Item during the audition, must I pay the Performance Fee upfront? What if I don’t have the money?

Yes. (Amount to be disclosed soon. Watch out for this space!)

Dancers are required to sign a Performance Contract before commencing the Guest Instructor’s audition such that upon being selected into the item, backing out is not an option as it is a breach of contract. Upon any breach of contract, the selected dancer will have to compensate Recognize! Studios with the above mentioned fee.

  • What are the commitments like during the span of the recital?

Refer to Section (B) & (C) for individual instructor rehearsal schedules.

  • When are the Vetting dates?

Vetting No.1: 22nd July 2018, Sunday @ R! (Tentative)

Vetting No.2: 11th August 2018, Saturday (Tentative)

  • What if I am sick during the audition day and won’t be able to attend? OR I missed the audition registration deadline. What should I do?

We are truly sorry about your situation. Unfortunately, there’s nothing much we can help you with. It will be advisable for you to join us for next year’s recital audition instead.

  • What are the commitments like during the span of the recital?